Virginia Concealed Carry Permit (CCP)

Virginia Concealed Carry Permit (CCP)

You’ve decided you want to get your Virginia concealed carry permit (CCP or sometimes referred to as CCW). Great! Your reasons could be as varied as the people who have them. You want to protect yourself or your family/friends. Being a responsible firearm owner is paramount to all things related to this subject, but being licensed to carry is the next logical step.

In Virginia it is legal to open carry a firearm, however you may not want to advertise the fact you’re carrying. Virginia recognizes ALL carry permits from other states but there are states that don’t recognize Virginia permits. To view those, click the map to the right.

To view a complete list of laws and requirements as they pertain to carrying a firearm in the state of Virginia, please refer to the Virginia State Police site’s applicable section by clicking here.

Note: a Virginia concealed carry permit allows you to conceal a firearm, not a knife or any other weapon.

While there are sites that offer online CCP courses, we feel it’s more important to get the hands-on training required to possess a firearm and to conceal it. Whether you’re new to firearms or have used them all your life but want to carry concealed, our CCP course provides everything you need at a price that’s comparable to online courses.

Click here to view an interactive map of Virginia Concealed Carry